April 14, 2024

There are nonetheless areas on our earth which have by no means been visited by people. In certainly one of them, researchers went on the path of a wierd mammal that lays eggs. They usually discovered it!

Mammals usually don’t lay eggs. Apart from these belonging to the order Monotremes. That is the case with the platypus. But in addition the lesser-known Attenborough long-nosed hedgehog (Zaglossus attenboroughi). It has the spines of a hedgehog, the legs of a mole and the snout of an anteater. And scientists had solely noticed it as soon as. It was 1961. Most likely as a result of the long-nosed hedgehog is a nocturnal animal that lives in a burrow and is especially shy.

A mammal like no different that lives shielded from people

By means of a visit to the hostile Cyclops Mountains (Papua, Indonesia), the researchers lastly managed to shock this unbelievable animal in its atmosphere. Continuously threatened by earthquakes, malaria, leeches, ticks, snakes and spiders, scientists have sacrificed their time to position greater than 80 cameras on website. Nevertheless it was solely after 4 weeks of recording that they have been lastly in a position to establish the echidna based mostly on the final photos on their reminiscence playing cards.

Scientists report that they might not have gotten up to now with out the help of a local people. In actual fact, it was the residents of Yongsu Sapari Village who gave them the information they wanted to deal with these harmful mountains. And gave them the chance to discover areas the place no human had ever set foot earlier than.

A humorous mammal and lots of different discoveries

On the finish of the journey there usually are not solely photos of the echidna, but in addition many different discoveries. In actual fact, from only a fraction of the sorted materials collected, researchers have already recognized one other animal misplaced since 2008, the Mayr’s honeyeater (Ptiloprora mayri), a stunning new genus of land and tree shrimp – sure, sure, you learn that proper. . -, many unknown species of bugs and, in a cave system that has by no means been explored earlier than, a scorpion, spiders and a blind reaper.