April 14, 2024

Atom Computing simply introduced that it has efficiently examined its prototype quantum laptop with 1,180 qubits. This places the corporate a number of weeks forward of an anticipated announcement from IBM and makes it the primary firm to exceed the 1,000 qubits milestone.

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The race for a quantum laptop has simply reached a brand new stage. Whereas most corporations engaged on it are restricted to some hundred qubits at most, Atom Computing could be the primary firm to interrupt the 1,000-qubit barrier. The corporate simply introduced a prototype with 1,180 qubits, scheduled to launch subsequent 12 months.

Qubits are the equal of binary bits in classical computer systems. In contrast to bits, which have the worth of both 0 or 1, qubits also can have each values ​​on the identical time. It’s this peculiarity that permits quantum computer systems to resolve sure issues a lot sooner than a classical laptop. Essentially the most highly effective quantum laptop thus far is IBM’s Osprey with “solely” 433 qubits.

Ytterbium atoms manipulated with lasers

In contrast to different corporations that work with ions, Atom Computing makes use of impartial ytterbium atoms which are organized right into a matrix and manipulated utilizing lasers. The corporate had already introduced that it had managed to attain a coherence time of its qubits of 40 seconds, in addition to the flexibility to measure the state of sure qubits throughout calculations and thus detect sure errors with out disturbing the opposite qubits.

The corporate beat IBM, which was because of unveil its Condor quantum processor with 1,121 qubits within the coming weeks. Atom Computing has introduced that it’ll put its quantum laptop into the service of corporations, universities and administrations from 2024.