February 26, 2024

If you happen to personal an older MacBook, there’s a superb likelihood your MacBook’s MagSafe charging cable is in poor situation. Over time, the cable turns into stripped and the wires below the plastic jacket are ultimately severed, rendering the charger inoperable. This is quite common with chargers with MagSafe 1 and MagSafe 2 connectors.

When that occurs, your first intuition is to go to Apple’s web site to purchase a brand new one. And there it’s a considerably chilly bathe. Despite the fact that Macs with Magsafe 1 or 2 chargers are largely thought of out of date, their chargers, that are nonetheless bought by Apple, are nonetheless dearer. For instance, a 45W MagSafe 2 charger for an 11-inch MacBook Air from 2013 nonetheless prices a hefty 85 euros.


In 2015, Apple deserted the MagSafe 2 charging port in favor of USB-C earlier than reintroducing the MagSafe 3 in 2021 through a USB-C to MagSafe 3 cable. Moreover, it may be very tempting to consider shopping for a wall charger to switch your outdated charger. Sadly, whereas Apple has a USB-C to MagSafe 3 cable accessible on the market (for its newest Macs), the Cupertino firm doesn’t supply an identical possibility for the MagSafe 2 connection, which is just too outdated. At a time once we are chasing waste, and though Apple goals of being a inexperienced tech large, it’s clear that it is a actual failure on the subject of sustainability.

There are some third-party suppliers on-line that provide any such cable, however their reliability appears to be poor based mostly on person suggestions. Worse, utilizing these unapproved cables and third-party USB-C chargers might at finest harm your Mac and be harmful at worst.

Now the answer stays to restore. If Apple’s chargers appear to be past restore, no less than so far as older fashions are involved, the mission just isn’t not possible. With a bit craftsmanship and soldering expertise, it’s completely potential to restore an outdated MagSafe charger your self. The method, accessible to even essentially the most resourceful, solely takes about ten minutes.

The tools to be supplied

Along with some braveness and time, you have to some provides to hold out the operation:

  • A common pliers
  • chopping pliers
  • A wire stripper
  • A soldering iron
  • tin
  • Warmth shrink tubing or electrician’s tape
  • Glue (to connect the case again collectively)
  • A glue gun and a glue stick

How do you restore a reduce cable on a MagSafe charger?

Earlier than you rush into shopping for a brand new charger, you need to first have it repaired. If the cable is uncovered and even reduce and your Mac not expenses, you don’t have anything to lose by making an attempt. And if the manipulation is profitable, you should have saved a number of tens of euros.

1. Minimize the charging cable

Seize your finest chopping pliers and, if you happen to haven’t already, begin by chopping the MagSafe cable from the wall charger. Additionally bear in mind to take away the charger plug, be it the two-pin plug or the facility adapter extension cable.

Magsafe Charger Coupe© Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com

2. Open the charger

That is undoubtedly essentially the most delicate maneuver of this restore. As a result of accurately opening your charging case relies on clear and straightforward reassembly. To open the case, first open the 2 cable storage hooks. Then take a pair of utility pliers, maintain them closed and insert the top into the storage hooks.

Magsafe charger opening© Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com

Whereas holding the case, open the pliers with a bit pressure and unfold them vast sufficient to pry off either side of the case. Repeat the method on the alternative facet, within the different recess reserved for the storage hooks. The hooks and their springs ought to then spring and the case ought to ultimately open.

Open the Magsafe charger© Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com

3. Minimize the charging cables

If you happen to haven’t already executed so, now take away the protecting rubber tip that related the exterior MagSafe cable and inside cables to the charging circuit. Then take your wire cutters and reduce the grey and black wires flush with the plastic tip to maintain as a lot wire size as potential within the housing.

Magsafe charger Cut the cable© Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com

4. Strip the insulation from the wires

Utilizing wire strippers, strip the grey and black wires popping out of the charging case.

Stripping the Magsafe charger wires© Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com

Do the identical with the MagSafe cable. Nevertheless, you need to do that in two steps. First strip the principle grey jacket after which separate the naked wires from the core wire.

Charger without Magsafe connection© Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com

As you in all probability understood, the center grey sheath have to be related to the grey cable of the field, whereas the naked wires that you’ve mixed by twisting should then be related to the black cable of the field.

5. Tin the wires

Now join your soldering iron, take your tin and begin tinning all of the wires that you just beforehand stripped and twisted. Overlaying it with tin makes soldering between the person wires even simpler.

Magsafe tin charging cable© Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com – It’s higher to tin the wires earlier than inserting the warmth shrink tubing, which we didn’t do…

6. Insert your shrink tubing

Earlier than you proceed soldering between the wires, insert your warmth shrink tubing that you just beforehand reduce to the right dimension. One in every of a pretty big dimension for the MagSafe cable and two smaller ones for every of the 2 wires that compose it.

Heat shrink tubing for Magsafe chargers© Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com

7. Solder the wires and connect the warmth shrink tubing

Now comes the essential second of restore. Connect the grey wire of the MagSafe cable to the grey wire of the case and do the soldering along with your iron. Then do the identical between the black wire of the case and the naked wires of the MagSafe cable.

Magsafe charger© Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com

Then pull your warmth shrink tubing over every weld, ensuring to cowl your cables effectively to make sure good insulation. Use a lighter to carry a flame close to your sheathings to carry them to the wires and solder joints you simply made.

Insulated, welded Magsafe charger© Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com

8. Reassemble the case

The restore is full, now simply shut the case. Change the 2 storage hook springs, then the 2 hooks themselves, and at last slide the housing shell.

Go back to the Magsafe1 charger © Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com Go back to the Magsafe3 charger © Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com

Regulate every factor as finest as potential, ensuring that the cable comes out via the outlet supplied. As soon as the case is closed, take the tube of glue and stick the perimeter of the case in place. To make sure that the glue has time to dry and holds optimally, don’t hesitate to safe the case with cable ties in order that it doesn’t open once more.

Go back to the Magsafe4 charger © Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com Go back to the Magsafe5 charger © Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com Go back to the Magsafe8 charger © Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com

Then join your glue gun and insert a glue stick into it. When the gun is scorching sufficient, fill the outlet within the case the place the MagSafe charging cable comes out with glue, ensuring to use sufficient glue to the skin of the connection level between the cable and the case to solidify this half. Wait a second for the glue to harden.

Magsafe charger repaired2 © Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com Magsafe charger repaired1 © Geoffroy Ondet – 01net.com

Now the fateful second has come: join the MagSafe tip to your MacBook and plug the charger into the facility outlet. If the whole lot went in response to plan, the MagSafe port ought to flip purple, indicating that your Mac is now charging.