April 16, 2024

We advised you about it throughout Realms Deep 2023 earlier this month. Divine Frequency is a standalone recreation underneath GZDoom, initially deliberate as a mod of DOOM 2. Considerably extra horror-oriented than its authentic base, it affords a reasonably darkish gaming universe, bloody and fully absurd. It most likely additionally accommodates small particulars of an immersive simulation. For instance, it’s important to handle your stock and select the gadgets you wish to preserve, and you may select your “class” from three completely different ones, with completely different abilities you can enhance.

Regardless of the retro look with its massive pixels, the graphic filter is kind of profitable. It appears kind of like VHS, with saturations in the direction of pink. The degrees are a bit labyrinthine, however not uninteresting. You’ll most likely must spend somewhat time earlier than you totally perceive how they match collectively. As for the weapons, it’s very good: there’s actually not plenty of ammo, however the weapons have large recoil and nice sound design that provides a way of energy, whether or not it’s the gun or the shotgun. We are able to additionally crush our opponents’ skulls into raspberry jelly with our fists. Enemies die by exploding in very satisfying showers of blood, which provides to that feeling of energy. Briefly, a really good demo that may delight followers of retro FPS and horror.

If you’re concerned with Divine Frequency, you’ll be able to try the demo on the Steam web page and add it to your wishlist.